How to Detox, According to Experts

Source: @josie.santi When you think about how to detox, what comes to mind? Is it the restrictive diet Gwyneth Paltrow swears by or an intense sauna session? Maybe it’s trendy juice cleanses that became mainstream in 2010 or the detox teas that promised you’d lose a whole pant size after a couple weeks (which, like, … Read more

Why You Need to Stop Waiting for a Relationship to Pursue Your Dreams

Some of the most beloved storylines end with the hopeful words “happily ever after.” The nostalgic phrase takes me back to childhood and evokes warm memories of bedtime stories, rainy days spent watching fairy tales and daydreams of romantic first dances. In great literature, the “happily ever after” narrative is characterized by a beautiful and … Read more

LeAnn Rimes Leads With Vulnerability in Second Season of ‘Wholly Human’ Podcast

“Real Women, Real Work” is a Darling series about everyday women who work in various fields including business, entertainment, science and education. We want to get to know the WHY behind their WHAT and get an inside look into different industries. LeAnn Rimes is known for her success as a Grammy-award winning singer, songwriter and … Read more